Private yoga classes


Sessions adapted to your physical condition, your goals and your expectations without having to travel. Receiving a class in a comfortable space away from the gaze of strangers can be a great way to learn about or practice yoga.

Great advantages:

  • Choose your schedule

  • Benefit from a personalized and targeted practice, according to your needs

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Gain a first experience in a safe environment

  • Reduce anxiety without triggering other stressors

  • Be able to choose the location of the course

Each yoga practice is tailor-made, so tailored to you (or your group) and your lifestyle.

The teacher and the equipment come to you! You just have to take advantage of this downtime to do yourself good.

Sat Nam

PRICES for private lessons:
– 1 session of 1.5 hour: 75$ (in person) or 40$ (online)
– 5 or more sessions: 65$ (in person) or 30$ (online)

GROUP RATES (unlimited number of people):
– 1 session of 1 hour: 120$ (in person) or 80$ (online)
– 5 or more sessions: 100$ (in person) or 60$ (online)

– 1 session of 1 hour and a half: 150$ (in person) or 100$ (online)
– 5 or more sessions of 1 hour and a half: 120$ (in person) or 80$ (online)

Private yoga classes

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